We at Sytes always look forward to improve our service and provide you with a reliable hosting service. We have introduced a new feature on our Shared/Reseller Accounts for our clients to generate and store backups of accounts easily

JetBackup shares many similarities to cPanel’s native backup system but with many advancements. JetBackup supports incremental backups to remote servers, allows for self-service restores of files and databases through a customer’s cPanel control panel, and is lightweight and uses minimal system resources.

While we are busy managing our online lives we need a solid solution to back it up in case something goes wrong – and there’s always something that goes wrong, right? Whether it is bad coding, a failed update/upgrade, successful hack attempts or corrupted data, it doesn’t take long before a backup is needed to restore your website to its original condition.

What’s awesome about it is that you don’t need your hosting provider to restore your data, you can do it easily all by yourself – Full account restore, file/folder restore, database restore, disaster recovery, backup to multiple destinations including Amazon, DropBox, BackBlaze, SSH and more!



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